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Thrive Penobscot is Helping CHCS Connect Clients to the Resources They Need

By Alicia Mooney RN, MSN, CHPN
Manager of Advanced Illness and Wellness
Community Health and Counseling Services

Here at Community Health and Counseling Services we have provided Skilled Medicare home care and hospice services in the Northern Penobscot region for decades. We have provided in home nursing, physical, occupational, speech therapy, social worker and home care visits to homebound people in need of care following an illness or hospitalization. We have provided hospice services to patients with a terminal illness and their families to help them remain at home and live their lives with the best quality possible. The staff who work out of the Lincoln office also live in the communities where they provide care. They are vested in the community and may face some of the same challenges that the people the provide care to. It made perfect sense for Community Health and Counseling to be a part of the Thrive Penobscot group.

Thrive Penobscot has connected its partners in the tri-town and Lincoln areas. It has allowed our staff to have a great knowledge of the resources that are available to help those in needs.

When we go into our clients’ homes, our staff is able to identify needs that they may have as part of our initial visits. They perform home safety checks and our staff is able to identify the lack of resources needed to remain at home safely, such as heat, hot water and clothing. These basic needs that can be taken for granted by many are necessary to survive. They are able to work with patients and families to network them to the appropriate agencies for assistance.

I have been a home care provider for over twenty years. I learned more about the resources in our area in the first Thrive Penobscot meeting than I had over my years of practice. Being able to share the knowledge and expertise of those at the table will help to strengthen the community.

Communities often feel that their needs are unique to their area. Working in the Thrive group, has demonstrated that many of the needs are the same. It makes sense to have providers come together, share knowledge and resources and help people to remain at home and thrive in place. CHCS is honored to be a part of this effort put forth by Millinocket regional hospital.